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Stadium Seating Enterprises, Inc. (SSE) is the industry pioneer for the design and manufacture of prefabricated EPS Geofoam tiered stadium seating riser solutions. SSE PREFoam EPS Geofoam Tiered Stadium Seating Riser Systems are the most cost effective and efficient systems available to design or enhance audience viewing in classroom, auditorium, lecture hall, balcony, church, worship facility, and movie theatre seating by creating a fast and easy method of providing levels of tiered seating riser platforms to offer an unobstructed view for the audience.

SSE has refined the design of pre-engineered, prefabricated tiered stadium seating riser systems and developed the innovative SSE PREFoam EPS Geofoam theatre seating solutions that maximize cost and time savings as well as contractor productivity. SSE has developed the SSE PREFoam System, an EPS Geofoam Stadium Seating Riser System that uses simple straightforward materials and technology to meet today's criteria for tiered stadium seating design for any auditorium, balcony, lecture hall, movie theatre, and church or worship facility stadium seating arrangement. The SSE pre-engineered, prefabricated PREFoam EPS Geofoam Stadium Seating Systems are the most economical tiered seating systems on the market today. Typically our stadium seating riser system can be installed and ready for a concrete topping slab in as little as one day per auditorium, theatre, church, balcony, worship facility, or lecture hall. Another advantage of the SSE PREFoam EPS Geofoam Stadium Seating Riser System is the fact that the system is easily designed to conform to virtually any platform design, shape or configuration in any auditorium, movie theatre, classroom, lecture hall, worship facility or church.

SSE PREFoam EPS Geofoam Tiered Stadium Seating Riser Systems are ideal for either new construction or retrofit and renovation situations. Flexibility is the key to our systems. The SSE Systems are equally appropriate for flat or existing sloped floor designs. SSE PREFoam EPS Geofoam Permanent Stadium Seating Forming Riser Systems are typically installed in 50% less time than normally allocated for traditional steel stud framing systems and are the most cost effective, easy to install, contractor friendly answer to tiered theatre seating available.

Stadium Seating Riser Systems

economical, innovative, experienced
SSE Permanent Stadium Seating Forming System Installation

The typical SSE PREFoam EPS Geofoam Stadium Seating Riser System rests directly on the floor of the auditorium, classroom, lecture hall, theatre, balcony, worship facility, church or other project area and is independent from the vertical building structure.

In the case of retrofit applications, that fact can greatly reduce the cost of the project, as it does not affect current loads and capacities of the vertical building structure.

Additionally, the weight of the structure, in particular the SSE PREFoam EPS Geofoam Stadium Seating Riser System is low compared to traditional methods as the Geofoam material weighs approximately 1 lb./cu.ft.

The SSE PREFoam EPS Geofoam Stadium Seating Riser Systems are not only for ground floor auditorium or theatre installations, but are ideal upper level installations for theatre, church, balcony, worship facility, classroom, lecture hall or any installation requiring the fabrication of lightweight tiered seating platforms in any floor design you may need. The SSE PREFoam System has been installed in numerous projects that were on upper floor levels because lightweight characteristics of the EPS Geofoam and the fact that the use of the EPS Geofoam Blocks evenly distributes the weight of the stadium seating platform over the entire area covered by the tiered seating and eliminates any "point-loading" of the structural slab of the building.

Any contractor will find SSE’s PREFoam EPS Geofoam Stadium Seating Riser Systems easy to install during the construction of any auditorium, church, balcony, worship facility, classroom, lecture hall or movie theatre seating project.

In the case of a retrofit or renovation installation, the SSE PREFoam EPS Geofoam prefabricated stadium seating system components are easily portable due to their modular design. The installation crew can bring all components into the space through a standard pedestrian door for a church, balcony, worship facility, auditorium, movie theatre, classroom, or even a lecture hall thereby minimizing disruption to ongoing operations in adjacent auditoriums, classrooms or theatres.

Unlike traditional light gauge metal stud tiered seating design and fabrication solutions, the SSE PREFoam EPS Geofoam Stadium Seating Riser Solution design possesses excellent acoustic properties. The design is perfect for church, balcony, worship facility, classroom, auditorium, lecture hall or movie theatre seating where state of the art sound acoustics are required or where they can enhance the sound for those audiences. In addition, where the installation is on an upper floor level with other occupancy below it, the use of the SSE PREFoam EPS Geofoam Stadium Seating System greatly reduces the sound transfer and provides a level of acoustic barrier between the adjacent floors. Traditional light gauge metal stud framed seating systems are hollow under the platform and the acoustical properties of the hollow space typically do not complement the audio experience and they do not provide any sound insulation properties.

The SSE PREFoam EPS Geofoam tiered stadium seating system is the most environmentally friendly tiered stadium seating system available today. This innovative "PREFoam System" uses Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Geofoam blocks as the structural fill material to support the tiered seating platforms. The use of EPS in the stadium seating system as well as its use as an insulation material in the overall construction of the building meets many of the criteria necessary for LEED certification.

The U.S. Green Building Council has developed a nationally accepted system to rate the design, construction and operations of buildings. The USGBC’s leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a standard that recognizes the life-cycle cost of construction and helps guide the performance of projects. The LEED rating system allows owners to acquire credits by meeting certain conditions pertaining to the use of sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly products and systems.

The use of EPS Geofoam in design and construction addresses each of these criteria and provides a product that is both environmentally responsible and a cost efficient solution to installation of tiered stadium and theatre seating riser systems.

Inherent in the design of the SSE PREFoam EPS Geofoam Stadium Seating Riser System is its flexibility to be used in conjunction with traditional metal stud and drywall framing for usable space under the back of the stadium seating platform. The SSE PREFoam EPP Stadium Seating Riser Systems are commonly used adjacent to and on top of a structural deck above storage, restrooms, offices or other spaces under the platform.

Prefabricated "Kit-of-Parts"
Stadium Seating Fabrication Solutions

A time saving advantage of the SSE PREFoam EPS Geofoam Tiered Seating Riser System is that it can be typically installed by semi-skilled laborers in as little as one day per theatre or auditorium; reducing the overall cost for platform installation, construction schedule and the resulting overall construction cost associated with the project.

Due to their modular nature as well as design and attachment characteristics, the prefabricated Stadium Seating Riser System will minimize installation time and manpower required for auditorium, church, balcony, worship facility, classroom, lecture hall & movie theatre tiered seating riser systems. The installation of the Geofoam used for the structural support of the SSE PREFoam tiered seating risers is similar to stacking "Lego type" blocks made of EPS foam to form the tiered seating platforms. In addition, because the PREFoam riser platform components are installed much later in the construction sequence than is customary with traditional steel stud or other means of providing tiered seating platforms, the contractor is able to keep the floor barrier free to allow ease of work on a rolling scaffold or scissor lift.

Please review the information contained on this website. This site contains technical data, photographs of church, movie theatre, auditorium, classroom, worship facility, and lecture hall stadium seating riser design and fabrication solutions, and comments by our past clients relating to our design, service and product as well as broad overviews of our experience and approach to project delivery.

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iPic Theaters at Scottsdale Quarter
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SSE is proud to have the opportunity to work with iPic Theaters to bring one of the most exciting new concepts in the cinema industry to the marketplace. SSE is currently providing our tiered PREFoamTM stadium seating risers systems for iPic Theaters from Washington to Texas. Whether the project is new construction or a retrofit of an existing Gold Class Cinema, the SSE Systems are an economical, easy to install and flexible stadium seating riser system that is meeting the needs for luxury stadium seating for this exciting concept. We are proud to showcase photographs of the recently completed iPic Theaters at the Scottsdale Quarter. Located on the second floor of an existing retail development SSE was able to work hand-in-hand with the iPic, TK Architects and AR Mays Construction Team to bring this wonderful project to life. Although our scope was only in the theater auditoriums, we are so impressed with the quality of this project that we would like to share photos of the overall iPic Theaters at Scottsdale Quarter with you.

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